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Teeth whitening - because coffee happens.
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Get a whiter smile in literally 2 days with Smiley Miley teeth whitening



Hollywood Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Kit Smiley Miley

Smiley Miley will have you smiling like never before with whiter teeth in literally 2 days. Simply mould, bite then white. Babes, apply Smiley Miley twice daily for 7 consecutive days and see whiter teeth by day 2. Then just apply weekly to maintain your hot new look. P.S. tag #smileymiley for us to feature your new smiley miley smile.

Package Contents:

4 x Teeth Whitening Gel, 3 x Custom Mouth Trays, 1 x Desensitisation Gel, 1 x Led Light (Battery Included), 1 x Instruction Manual, 1 x Tooth Shade Guide.

Smiley Miley kit contents

Whitening Strength

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US$49.95 (Free Shipping)


Natural Coconut Teeth Whitening Kit

Coconut Teeth Whitening Kit Smiley Miley

Made with extra virgin coconut oil from the flesh of real organic coconuts picked straight from the beaches of Fiji. Yes Fiji, like the most beautiful island in the world. For the natural babes and the straight up coco loco, this kit has a creamy rich coconut flavour. Our Natural Coconut Teeth whitening kit is made from 100% organic & vegan ingredients. It’s 100% safe for everyone from young children to pregnant/breastfeeding mums to use. 2 Week course consists of 14 coconut teeth whitening sachets.

Package Contents:

14 x Smiley Miley Coconut Flavoured Oil Pulling Sachets (2 week course)

Smiley Miley Coco contents

Whitening Strength

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US$39.95 (Free Shipping)


2x Teeth Whitening Kit [Best Value]

Double Teeth Whitening Kit Smiley Miley

Perfect for identical twins, or your bae who is pretty much your twin anyway. Get a whiter, brighter, smarter and sexier smile with this twin pack. We ship your order on the same day we see it! P.S. all our teeth whitening kits also help rid your mouth of nasty plaque, bacteria and even freshen your breath for a healthier smile and a sweeter kiss.

Package Contents:

8 x Teeth Whitening Gel, 6 x Custom Mouth Trays, 2 x Desensitisation Gel, 2 x Led Light (Battery Included), 2 x Instruction Manual, 2 x Tooth Shade Guide.

Smiley Miley kit contents x2

Whitening Strength

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US$79.95 (Free Shipping)


Your Smile Does More than You Think.

Everyone deserves to smile. That’s why we’ve joined forces with SmileTrain, a charity organisation that helps children in developing nations receive life changing cleft surgery. With each Smiley Miley purchase, $1 goes to bringing a smile to a child’s face. We believe everyone deserves the right to smile!

Smile Train Every Purchase Helps A Child Smile

Double Teeth Whitening Kit Smiley Miley
Teeth Whitening Kit Smiley Miley
Teeth Whitening Kit Smiley Miley
Teeth Whitening Kit Smiley Miley
Teeth Whitening Kit Smiley Miley